Mystery Beneath trailer

The Mystery Beneath Documentary shown on Estonian TV

Yesterday, on the 16:th of August 21:30 local time the “Mystery Beneath” documentary was sent on Estonian channel 2. A link can be found here.

This was, to our knowledge, the first time ever that the documentary could be seen by a television audience. The documentary shows, among other things, the dangers associated with deep sea diving and under which conditions the Ocean X Team had to work in order to find out more information about the Baltic anomaly. We can also listen to the teams thoughts about the object and the expedition.


Peter Lindberg answers questions in the ocean explorer group

1. How much money would be needed to drill a tiny hole on to surface of anomaly to get proper samples?

“It is not realistic to send down a “scuba”-diver with a power tool to these depths. Maybe if we could find a small handy battery powered machine but there are non on the market. But it would be useless just to drill a small hole into the anomaly. If it would be any meaning with drilling it would be for getting a core-sample and then we are talking big machines which must be powered by hydraulics. The machine it self must be bolted to the anomaly so it is a huge operation for a team of technical divers. And since they do not have any communication with us on the surface it would be a lethal operation and I do not allow that. To bring in a team of saturation divers to do the drilling would cost immense a lot of money….


Test result from object

The latest lab test results made by Archaeological Science at the Weizmann Institute, indicate that a piece which was recovered by divers from the circle anomaly is made of Limonite and Goethite. These materials are part of the Iron oxides/hydroxide family. The tests were performed by a method called ‘Infrared Spectroscopy’.


Ocean X Team releases video from expedition IV

Ocean X Team just released new video material from expedition IV to the baltic anomaly. The video, which is over 1 hour long first follows the team diving on the wreck Astrid which they dove at last year as well as an undisclosed wreck. In the last half of the movie the team goes back to the anomaly and experience all sorts of strange things including ghost-like objects at the surface around the anomaly.


Ocean X Team releases new multibeam image of the anomaly

Peter Lindberg of the Ocean X Team just now released a new multibeam image of the anomaly in their facebook group.  He commented:

“Ok, here it is in all its glory! Remember that there are a lot of things you do not see. The wedged gap between the upper part and the foundation for example. Or the right side (from the direction the image is, looking south) is completly gone on this image. Maybe we passed over the anomaly so the vertical sides on the right side were shadowed by the anomaly it self.


News: Cirkeln är minst 14 000 år gammal, Expressen 2013-05-22

Cirkeln i Östersjön fortsätter att förbrylla.

Nya provsvar från Israel visar att en del av cirkeln är metallisk – och forskare där menar att det är en metall som naturen själv inte kan tillverka.

Svenska forskare säger motsatsen.

- Det kan skapas i naturen, men det har olika förutsättningar i olika vatten, säger geologen Fredrik Klingberg

Cirkeln är minst 14000 år gammal



Breaking news: Ocean X Team have been back to the Anomaly

The Ocean X Team and Dennis is on their way home after visiting new wrecks and the Baltic anomaly. They have been out for 9-10 days and have loads of new information. They also visited the 2:nd object close to the circle although they have not interpreted the new data yet.

Dennis says that there has been so many strange things happening during their visit to the anomaly.