Ocean X Team signs world unique contract in Panama


Ocean X Team visited the Kuna Yala Indians in Panama last month. The Kuna Yala tribe had contacted the team since they found out of their discovery of the Baltic Anomaly in 2011. They, contrary to many other native Indian tribes in America own the full rights to their own traditional land and have now signed a deal with the team that gives them rights to locate treasures on it.
The Panama coast could potentially be full of old ship-wrecks dating as old as the 16th century, a time period when  a lot of natural resources was transported from the Colonies in the South Americas to Europe. The agreement between the Ocean X Team and the Kuna Yala tribe is something world unique that could potentially bring a lot of prosperity to both the tribe and to the Ocean X Team. This great news can also be very positive for the continued expeditions to explore the Baltic Anomaly as well, which requires significant resources.


The Ocean X Team with member of the Kuna Yala tribe.

The following article was posted in the Swedish newspaper Expressen today:

De gräver indianguld i heligt Panamavatten

A Google translated version to English can be found here (expect inaccuracies in the translation):

They did native gold in Panama holy water

The following translation has been posted by Dennis Åsberg on Facebook:

Ocean x goes Caribbean!

After the mysterious circle in the Baltic Sea.
Now Ocean X Team is the first company ever get help to safeguard cultural treasures in Indian waters off Panama’s coast.
- From the 1500s onwards, sank many ships that transported historic and valuable items here, said Dennis Åsberg at Ocean X team.

The coastal strip along the Panamanian coast down to Colombia belong Indian tribe Kuna Yala. The waters are invaluable for the Indians who never have allowed some treasure hunters to dive there.
But after seeing reports on the Ocean X Team and the mysterious circle in the Baltic Sea, which was a world first last year contacted the Indians’ representative team.
- We could hardly believe it was true. But they felt that we were trustworthy, said Dennis Åsberg in Ocean X team.
In January, he and Ocean X Team’s other owner, Peter Lindberg, in Panama and met the Indian chiefs. The hope is that they may start to appear this year, the project will then continue the next ten years.
Through the centuries, many commercial and warship with historical treasures wrecked off the Kuna Yala coast of Panama.

- The Indians have not previously dared to hire some American or European companies because they have been afraid of being cheated. Our task is to help the Indians to find and protect the property so that they include can be useful for the right owners, ie Indians, says Åsberg.

In addition, we will help Indians to establish business contacts and other contacts to enable them to further develop their society.

Indian gold and other historically valuable treasures.
In South and Central America was colonized by various European countries starting in the 1500s took colonizers of natural resources.
Large quantities of gold were transported on the warship and merchant ships across the seas. Cargo Space for much of shipments to Europe were seaport Portobello in Panama. In the waters off Panama was often storms and there were pirates. Many of the ships sank why, and when they fell it went quickly because they were so heavy laden


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