Latest news about the Baltic Sea Anomaly

It’s been silent from Ocean X Team for a couple of months. What happened? Questions are asked on the Internet and there are different opinions on what happened. If you have information, please comment!

In the meantime here are some of the latest news about the Baltic Sea Anomaly:

Description of the video from Youtube:

The Masterdiver and underwater photographer Stefan Hogeborn Member of Ocean X Team that discovered the Baltic sea anomaly, Released some new pictures not seen before. Note all pictures are from 2012, some of them have been shared on facebook but not all of them.
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The truth of the Baltic Sea Anomaly

Please be patient while we’re updating this website. The purpose of the site is to bring forward the truth of the Baltic Sea Anomaly. We will need your help when digging into this. Please comment with any information you might have.

If you’re new to the Baltic Sea Anomaly, there will soon be an information page that will explain this phenomenon.